Procurement Card (PCARD)

The Procurement Card, a commercial MasterCard, is used by authorized University employees to make small dollar purchases, generally $3,000 or less, from approved merchants. The authorized Cardholder purchases on behalf of Colorado State University, with tax-exempt status, and transactions are paid directly by the University to the issuing bank.

PCARD is used for the purchase of both goods and services when the use of an Automatic Purchase Order (APO) or Disbursement Voucher (DV) is not viable. Employee use of the Procurement Card is governed by the Procurement Card Program Handbook.
  • Each University corporate liability issued credit card has the CSU name/logo in addition to the name of the Cardholder (faculty/staff)
  • Cardholder buys something with the card and gets a receipt
  • Merchant sends transaction to bank electronically for collection
  • Bank sends transaction data to CSU daily
  • Transactions are fed into the Kuali Financial System (with default account/object code)
  • Kuali Financial System sends an email notification of each transaction to the Cardholder and assigned "Reallocator"
  • Meanwhile, the Cardholder notes accounting information on the receipt and gives it to the assigned Reallocator
  • Reallocator reviews transactions on the Kuali Financial System and receipt information to change account/object code, if necessary
  • Fiscal Officer reviews and approves Kuali document
  • Cardholders will review monthly bank statements, sign, and give to their Reallocator
  • Reallocators forward statements to the Approving Official
  • Approving Official reviews statement and receipts and signs
  • Statements are filed in the department

PCARD Help Desk

(970)491-5752 or