Linda Meserve 970-491-6611

Farrah Bustamante 970-491-1992
Associate Director

  • Strategic Sourcing planning and initiatives
  • PCARD Administrator
  • Group Purchasing Orgs/Cooperative Purchasing Coordination
  • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing—products, policies, campus outreach, committee assignments

TBD 970-491-5448
Purchasing Agent

  • Aircraft and related services, including athletic charter
  • Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands
  • Colorado State Forest Service
  • Moving services
  • Police and security
  • Scientific, laboratory and research related

Garrett Duff 970-491-0300
Purchasing Agent
Facilities Management Procurements

  • Automotive related
  • Construction and professional services (architects, engineers, industrial hygienists, landscape architects, etc.)
  • Facilities and grounds related
  • Industrial and shop related
  • MRO related

Eric Hamrick 970-491-6455
Purchasing Agent

  • Audio visual
  • Classroom technology systems
  • Computing, data systems, IT
  • Libraries related (i.e., collections, electronic journals, binding, etc.)
  • Software licensing and intellectual property acquisitions
  • Telecommunications

Lynette Brink 970-491-5105
Administrative Assistant

Joe Hostetler 970-491-6935
Residential Dining Procurement Manager

  • Food service and kitchen related including food items (produce, dairy, meats, etc.)

Lindsay Johnson-Athey 970-491-3405
Purchasing Agent

  • Advertising
  • Events (performance, hotels, catering, etc.)
  • Furniture (office, dorm, etc.) and furnishings (linens, etc.)
  • Media related, including consulting services
  • University brand/logo/graphic standards (i.e., printing, websites, signage, uniforms, etc.)

Kathi LaFollette 970-297-1209
Purchasing Agent
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Procurements

  • Medical, dental, pharmaceutical, scientific, human and veterinary related
  • Research animals

Adriann LaRue 970-491-1880
Assistant Small Business Liaison Officer

  • Sponsored Programs Liaison
  • Small Business Community Outreach

Kellie Rainwater 970-491-5752
PCARD Program Assistant

Greg Smith 970-491-2689
Procurement Manager

  • Complex procurements

Jeb Stuart 970-491-6194
Purchasing Agent

  • Agricultural related, farm and livestock
  • Athletics, excluding charter flights
  • International Programs
  • Office supplies and equipment, including copiers
  • Property leases

Procurement Help Desk 970-491-5105

PCARD Help Desk 970-491-5752